Spirits of Perspexia
Celik, Perspexia's Prince, Pondering


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Celik Hawkeye, Roland Arther

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Spirits of Perspexia is the third novel in the Spirits of Series. Like Spirits of Albite it goes back to telling the story from multiple points of view, namely the points of view of its two protagonist. This is the first Spirits Of story to feature dual protagonist. Like the previous two entries it features a bittersweet ending. This story is the first not written entirely by the Akako founder.



This is an excerpt from the beginning of Spirits of Perspexia, showing events that would be explained in the epilogue.

Isn't it Beautiful? The forest was a flicker, flames danced against the night sky. Sparks flew out and disappeared while attempting to reach for the stars. The screams of the children were hidden under the thick layer of flames. People burned alive as this pleasant song of beauty plays softly in the background. This town was one where the poor peasant humans once lived. On this island there was no need for humans. The mission tonight was to completely wipe them out. From the sky anyone could see that the feather shaped island was lit up, but not with joyful lights, but with flames of many human villages. Winged people, aside beings with pointed ears set fire to human homes. It was time for extermination. Right now the land was completely burned to shreds with the only living beings being atop the floating pieces of land, on which the elven resided. How did this all come to be? How did the humans lose their very right to live? Such a tale came to be this way...

In a land years before the current mundane world many of us called home, Humans lived among many mystical creatures. A world of complete peace. That was until a great war. One that drove humans to strive for superiority in these lands. They took over the land and forced the mystical creatures out. Forcing them into roles similar to animals. Living in forest, with the occasional creature being domesticated and allowed to live in villages amidst the people. While most creatures grew use to this lifestyle, one did not. The Dark Elves of this world grew to resent humans. Most of them dedicating their lives to luring in humans to make slaves and worse in their own magical little world. While most humans steer clear of mystical creatures, a special kind of knight is sent after them. Sent to rescue humans captured by mystical creatures. This is the career of a "Slayer". And the tale of Slayers, Dark Elves, and more will be told here, in the Land of Perspexia.


Perspexia is torn in tow. Part of it governed by humans, and the other by mystical creatures. Perspexia keeps itself as much of a secret from the rest of the world as possible. Perspexia is home of a class of people known as "Slayers" who are ranked A through D and serve as a police for human rights, as well as mercenaries to make ends-meat. Perspexia is the most forest based of any Spirit Armz Land and gives off a Celtic feel, probably because of it's heavy elf based storyline.

On the main continent of Perspexia, are also notable villages, and the like to be explored. This fleshes out most of Perspexia in ways that the other places up until now had not been. The first notable location is the Hawkeye Kingdom where the closest thing to nobility for humans lives. This is the kingdom of king Killik Hawkeye, and his son, the prince, Celik. Between all the villages is a grand forest, which most humans do not tread alone. This forest is known as the Policril forest. It's the center point of all Perspexia. There is a village that floats above the forest known as Acrylic. The surrounding villages are Plexi Village, Gavrieli village and the port village of Altuglas.


  • Slayers are a special class of mercenary who deal exclusively with cases involving mystical creatures, as normal mercenaries would not dear bother with such things.


Day in the Life of a SlayerEdit

Our story opens with hopeful young Slayer, Rory, busting a group of gambling elves, all who apparently have a connection to the disappearance of a human girl. He was hired by the parents of the girl to track her down. After a small confrontation, the elves escape, leaving Rory to curse silently and continue his search. In the meantime, Rory's childhood friend, Jade, is doing her usual thing, getting in touch with nature. She is praying before a large tree, and seems to notice the trouble befalling Rory, she says a silent pray specifically for him. Not too far from this scene two friends of the two are lurking about. Sarah, a single changeling girl, and a elven boy by the name Alvin. The two talk about their feelings for the other two. Alvin's feelings for Jade, and Sarah's feelings for Rory. Sarah is hopeful about this, but Alvin completely dismisses this. Calling Jade, a "disgusting human". Sarah can tell he odes not mean it and smirks at the boy. The two continue on until they find Jade, whom they inquire about Rory's whereabouts.

Back in Rory's hometown, Plex Village, we learn that his older sister Taylor is too waiting for the boy's return. She had prepared a large dinner, and was really hoping that they could all share it like a family. It is here she talks to herself revealing that it is only she and Rory, and their great Slayer father perished years ago. This was around the same time that Jade came to stay with them. She was an orphan so of course Taylor took her in without thinking much of it. Fed up with waiting, Taylor leaves the house to go and find Rory herself.

A Prince who fights for his peopleEdit

Whilst Rory's introduction continues, the introduction of the other protagonist begins. Celik Hawkeye, and the kingdom of Hawkeye is revealed. Not only is Celik a prince, but also a Slayer as well. Most Slayers act only as such to gain money for themselves, obviously as a prince Celik does not need this. He states that he wants to truly help his people, directly, and not just by his laws and dictations. With this Celik sets out to go assist Rory in the mission to find the little girl. But not without first running into his girlfriend, Venus, and having a small chat with her. Celik mentions that his dad has been trying to mend ties with the elves as effectively as he could. Venus knows, but does not tell Celik, that she doubts such a thing will work.

Celik breaks off from Venus and eventually does track down Rory, wondering where he had been, and how the mission was going. Venus also runs into someone from the Arther family, specifically Rory's older sister, Taylor. The two decide to search for the two along with one another.

Behind the scenes we get to see some interaction amongst the dark elves from within their floating home. Specifically the actions of a bubbly dark elf by the name, Shiruba. She seems to be the kindest of the dark elves, and does not think poorly of humans, but instead hopes that they can somehow fix what has happened between them all. A voice speaks up from behind her, Shiruba turns, to see a fellow dark elf. This one speaks nothing kind of humans, and instead of all the harm that she hopes to bring them. This is the introduction of Ira, a close friend of Shiruba, but a hater of humans. Shiruba continues to try and persuade her friend that human kind has some hope, but the dark elf is not hearing it. Ira continues to maliciously talk about humans. Ira gos as far as to compare Shiruba's idea of at least safely keeping everyone apart, or vaguely bringing them together to a rotting apple. The last of the dark elf trio introduced at this moment is Koyami, a laid back dark elf who can care less about the interactions of the different races, so long as her lifestyle is not thrown out of balance. Koyami, a relaxed and passive dark elf. Shiruba, a happy and hopeful dark elf. Ira, an angry and vengeful dark elf. These three would throw Perspexia into a whirlwind.

Confrontation with RonguerEdit

The story returns back to the two Slayers lurking through the forest. Rory, and Celik make small conversation before being captured in a trap. It is revealed that they were captured by a point eared elf maiden by the name, Ronguer. Ronguer teases both boys for a bit before they manage to get free and attack her. She makes quick work of them, and asks why they attacked her. Rory points out that she is an elf who captured both of them, surely they had to protect themselves. Ronguer laughs at this and shake she her head. Just because she was an elf they assumed that she was bad, that was wrong of them, especially because Ronguer spares their lives. From here Ronguer actually helps in telling them that someone is on the way to take away someone very important to Rory. Rory is confused by her words. He asks Ronguer why she is telling him such a thing, but before he can get an answer she rushes off, encouraging them to follow after her. They do just that.

Mysterious duo attacks JadeEdit

This leads to the introduction of Rial, and Kiko, a pair of angelic soldiers who are after Jade, for "She doesn't belong here". Jade refuses to go with them, but that isn't enough, they tell the girl they are taking her by force. Just in time Rory, and Celik arrive, but they are not alone. Alvin, Sarah, as well as their upperclassman slayer; Liao, arrive on the scene. Outnumbered the two decide to flee, vowing that they would come to capture Jade again at another time. Jade is left a bit shaken up, but Rory is supporting enough to ease her fear. The group decides to happily start planning for the Lunar festival. This is when Taylor, and Venus arrive on the scene. Both comically hit the respective people they were looking for, with Taylor being much more aggressive and scolding Rory for willing to pass up a delicious meal made by her.

Lunar FestivalEdit

The Lunar festival is an event that happens once a year during the Harvest of Perspexia. The event is broken into three days; Family, Friendship, and Love. Spending the day with people that apply to those titles grants a good year with that person. Naturally the first day goes smoothly, allowing for some character development between family members and seeing how close these bonds are. This also shows Jade's implied feelings for Rory, and how he treats her more like a sister than a lover. Though Rory, when alone, is saddened by the fact that Jade may never see him the way he sees her.

Back at Hawkeye, Celik is having a quiet dinner with his father. There are multiple points where he tries to initiate conversation, but nothing comes of it. Killik tells his son that he will be trying to hold a peace conference with the dark elves the following day and that he wants him to be there. Celik cringes to himself knowing that he was suppose to spend the Friendship day of the festival with Rory, and believes in the legend that it could sour his relationship if he does not go. Even so Celik sucks it in and hopes to himself that he can make it in time.

The next day comes, and Rory begins a long wait for Celik, whom is busy at the conference. During the peace conference, an antsy Celik wishes things would speed up so that he could go see Rory. Celik's mind completely leaves Rory when his mother, the Queen, is poisoned suddenly. He rushes to his mother's side, hoping she is okay. Killik takes this as an immediate threat, and a claim from the dark elves that they want a fight.

Rory just about gives up waiting for Celik when Jade instead shows up. The two share the nightsky,and both feel kind of dejected by this, but will not tell the other. Sharing the friendship night together is just like saying that they only want to be friends. The next day is lovers day, and because of what happened the previous night, neither think to really talk on that day, both passing on a chance to be with the other. Jade in fact, nearly breaks down wanting to spend the time with Rory. She is encouraged by Taylor to do it, having understood Jade's feelings all alone. Jade tries finding Rory, but gets caught up with Alvin, who wanted to talk to her this day, but tries playing it off. Whilst this happens Rory meets up with Sarah, who challenged him to a spar; doing this to spend the lover's night with him. At the same time Celik spends the night with Venus, telling her his feelings. Despite the obvious attack by the elven people on his mother, he does not feel any differently about them, an sees them entirely as equals.

Knight Reiko's AssaultEdit

Hawkeye's first day after the festival completion comes with blessing from the true elven people, namely the princess of the elves; Reika. Reika brings not only her blessing, but herbs that could possibly be blended into a cure of some sort. Along with Reika is her trusted, yet silent, elven knight;Reiko. Killik takes the herbs and is going to use them when Reiko suddenly moves in for what seems to be an assassination. Reiko only manages to cut Killik with the tip of his sword, which was laced in a similar poison to the one given to his wife. The two rush out of the castle, but it is revealed that Reika had no intention of doing this. She asks her knight why he would do such a thing, Reiko does not tell her and just tells his princess that all will work out in the end. A now angered, and poisoned, Killik stops thinking logically and is driven solely by his hatred for the elven race; both normal, and dark.

Deal with a demonEdit

A mysterious cloaked figure appears before Killik claiming that they want to help him. Killik ask the person their race, and they do not lie, they tell the weary king that they a dark elf. He is at first enraged, and nearly kills the cloaked figure, but he is slowed down by the poison. Killik is convinced by the dark elf to start experimenting on people for a secret goal that is not yet revealed. Celik, and everyone else in the kingdom have no idea what Killik is up to.

King's Descent into DarknessEdit

Killik's experimentation continues until he has found what he thinks may be a cure for his wife. Killik's experimentation eventually turns his wife into a monster. The cloaked figure laughs at Killik who is now practically begging for forgiveness. The cloaked figure steps away, leaving Killik to deal with the monster that he had created. Now paired with a guilt of genocide, and what he has done to his wife, Killik is left to lament before the monster he created.

Shiruba meets RoryEdit

Rory's missionEdit


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  • Spirits of Perspexia is characterizes as a tale of Equality, and looking past ones birth.


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